Grant Application Requirements

In your Grant Request Application, please provide the following information and documentation:

Contact Information

  • Name, telephone and email address
  • Organization name, address, telephone number, fax number, website address, date founded (if applicable)
  • Organization tax identification number (if applicable)

Request Summary

  • Project title, start and end dates
  • Who will benefit 

Project Details

  • Need that the project addresses
  • Current project objectives and how they will be met
  • Project timeline
  • Method(s) of communication used to support this project 
  • Project Budget
  • Requested amount
  • Total project budget
  • Detailed project budget including a description of how the funds will be spent and how the request amount was determined
  • List donors amounts contributed to this specific project,  any in kind donations (if applicable)
  • Organization's IRS 501(c)(3) tax designation letter (if applicable)
  • Organization's 990 or 990-PF federal tax return (if applicable)
  • Organization's current audited financial statement (if applicable)

Grant Evaluation

  • If this project was previously funded by the Sandy Hook School Foundation, a brief report on the results of the grant (i.e. amount of funding, what was accomplished, challenges encountered, and corrective actions taken)
  • Project deliverables and expected outcomes
  • Assessment strategies that will be used to measure the project's success (e.g., surveys, reflection statement)
  • Sustainability plan – the steps that will be taken to ensure the future success of the proposed project beyond the completion of Sandy Hook School Foundation funding (e.g., future financial support, staff requirements, continued community interest)

Your grant application will not be considered unless all items above are provided. When complete, please submit your grant application to us via email at